Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stuff I Like at the Moment

Roll the photos!


Summer Time Treat

Wonderful idea, really...flickr!

French Parfume Commercials

The French, unlike us uncivilized Americans, have delightful perfum commercials. I especially like the Ninca Ricci and Miss Dior adverts.

Black + White = Panda

Everyone knows that farmers make chocolate milk by feeding their cows chocolate and then tipping them over numerous times, but who ever knew that pandas were the love babies of the black bear and polar bears?

...Phil Lumbang

Something Green

This is a clever idea. A man decided that instead of charging his batteries with an large device, he would convert solar energy to power these solar cells. The full story can be found here.

Half Way Wearable

This really is what it looks like. A helmet splattered with the image of a brain on it.....
....you could buy it here.

I Heart These Heart Shoes

These are magical shoes...Alexander McQueen.

There's One in All of Us...

Can't wait. (Even though I can't remember the plot, I only remember making monster costumes out of paper bags.) ...found poster here.

Hotttttttt Red Shoes

These are too adorably retro! A mix of the oxford pump, the wooden platform heel that's hot this spring, and kitten heels, they're to die for. .:LE TRAIN BLEU:. has them for sale on sale online and at their shop in Portland. Originally $176, they're only $88!


Correction 09/03/11: WHAT WAS I THINKING? These shoes are hideous! I must have been deathly ill or incredibly tired to ever have thought these clogs were "hot."

Mad Hatter's Hat

What's with all the wierd hair pieces that have been everywhere lately? This one that I found at PixieMarket is stranger than the rest of that I've found lately. I hope they don't become a trend. I have a few vintage hats of my own from the olden days but they aren't as outrageous as this one.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sleep Tight

After a parade of random posting, I'm ready to go to bed. I wish I had a bed as wonderful as this to fall asleep in though.

...via Core77.


Another Nice Bike

European's sure do love their bikes! And so do I. This one is so pretty. I love the flower detail on the white exterior and the gree tires. Perfect for spring

Gina Kane Makeup

I should try doing this to my hair after I use my curlers to help keep them keep their shape while I'm working on my makeup in the future. Just an idea....from Gina Kane's website.


Monster Fonts!

This makes me smile...flickr!

Do They Sell This in the Gift Shop?

lol...from this place.


The One (or two)

One of these dresses + an upperclassman to ask me to next week's prom would spell happily ever after for me. But unfortunatly, no boy has ever showed the slightest interest in me and Marialuciahohan doesn't ship to the United States;(


...from Kate Towers. This dress looks so much fun, I would just wear it in my room if I didn't have anywhere to go in it.


Purple Shoes

I LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVE these purple shoes from Urban Outfitters. The purpleness. The strappy straps. The studs. The fringey like details!!! ...but it's $250 dollars and out of my price range until I get a job this summer. Wait for me dream shoes!

I'm a bit daunted by the 4'' heels though... but I think I'll get over it.


Sounds Like Greek to Me

Very, very facinating...
"When an English speaker doesn’t understand a word of what someone says, he or she states that it’s ‘Greek to me’. When a Hebrew speaker encounters this difficulty, it ’sounds like Chinese’. I’ve been told the Korean equivalent is ’sounds like Hebrew’." [Via Panther House]


Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

I've always loved the vibrant hue of tulips. These are some stunning air shots of the tulip fields in the Netherlands...Mail Online

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tick Tock

I've always loved hourglasses, so of course, I had to share these simple looking ones from Noun: a person's place for things (and I love the shop's title!)



Americans should bike more. Then we could have beautiful bikes like this one from Velorbis.


The Perfect Romper

... from the Candy Store Collection



So pretty. I dislike most of the new maxi dresses that are out this season but this one just makes me smile. I wish I knew where I could buy it...
{From Oh Joy}

Grocery Bags

I think this is such a cute idea for a reusable shopping bag. I may have to make something like it for myself when I have time.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Am I Seeing Double?....

Everyone knows that the infamous (but loved) Forever 21 somehow makes knockoffs of more expensive versions of clothes in record time. My latest discovery may actually be profitable to myself.... Enjoy:

Sheer Romance Blouse, ModCloth.com, $42.99
H81 Red Rose Chiffon Top, Forever21.com, $22.90

I don't think there's any noticeable difference between the two, save for different lighting and a manikin.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Doing Band.do

I like to pride myself on being one of the earilier followers of of Band.do before it became more public (ie being worn by Taylor Swift in Seventeen Magazine), but I still have yet to own any of their peices. They're no where near being in my price range however, except for their heart label, so I likely won't see any of them in real life until after I get a job this summer. If I had my way, I would love to wear the crystal headpeice for my Conformation this May.

To be a Ballerina

Sooooooo beautiful! I always wanted to be a danser when I was younger and now although that appears as though it will never happen, I still love tutus and slippers as much as I did back then:)
[from Raphel Papo's website]


Rebecca Thuss

Go look at the shiny pictures! I promise I'll come up with something more original to post soon! But look at those rich plum tights! From Rebecca Thuss' website.


Off the Shoulder Vintage

Pretty pictures are abound today.... this time from weardrobe.com

No Stank You

I finally got around to ordering my free shirt from No Stank You. I wanted to get the one below because it reminded be of the Hanging on the Telephone Tee from ModCloth that had sold out months ago...

...but they always sell out of the shirt that I want so I had to go with this pink one.



Thank you, Post Secret, for adding a smile to everyone's day.


How Quaint

I love the way she pairs the vintage shoes with the different patterns of her coat and skirt. Curtesy Copenhagen Street Style.


Monday, April 13, 2009

To do list

This week, I'm on spring break and I don't want to waste my precious days away from school, so I'm going to list all the things I want to get done tomorrow:
1. Feed dog twice/thrice a day
2. Vacuum like a mad woman
3. Dust like a soccer mom with a hypoalergenic kid
4. Go to gym every weekday
5. Go to golf matches on Monday/Thursday
6. Call Brogan while he's working in the office
7. Catch up on Gossip Girl
8. Read a lot.
9. Read Counte of Monte Cristo for class.
10. Do homework.
11. Breath.

Barquentine Skirt

This reminds me of riding my bike along the backtrails behind Mill Creek in August. Although I don't have such a cool bike, I can defintly do something about those socks, and that skirt. I'm not willing to pay $128 for this simple skirt off of Makool Loves You's store, but it looks easy enough to make so I think I may sometime this summer. I keep saying to myself that I'm going to become more serious about making my own clothes so this can be one of my early projects!


Pretty Pictures

Some things just make me feel warm inside... Like the airy prints from the photographer Abbey's site, abbey try again. Just looking at the photos make me remember warm summer afternoons. If I only knew where to put them, I would buy several of her decently priced prints.