Saturday, October 24, 2009

Peaches n' Cream

Though not quite as dreamy as the periwinkle dress, this would be a very nice combination too..

Dreamy, Dreamy Day Wedding Dress

Oh! How breathtaking is this? It's just like some princess' dress - perfect! The color is so beautiful (periwinkle - favorite color!!), I wouldn't want to change a thing on it. Though, it would be better than any Betsy Johnson dress if I could just have it shortened for prom - that would be the perfect dress! From Ouma's etsy.

Looking Ahead

Now what could I ever use this Linda & paper doll inHarriet invitation for? The clothes really remind me of a Tulle collection from a few seasons ago.

Dressed in White

I've been obsessed with this amazing dress for about a week now. The sleeves, the length, the cut- oooh! I'd never be able to launder this out of my mom though (especially for $225), so its just wishful thinking. So ya, that's all. Just wanted to share that.


But until next year, I'm going to satisfy myself by making little personal versions of this masterpiece!


I really wanted to have a Halloween party this year, but one of my friends beat me to it before I could announce it... Anyway, NEXT YEAR - these!

Long Time No See

It's been a long month. School, school, school, school, school! Ugh. Anyway, I thought I'd dive right back into the blogging thing with this precious spare time I've found myself with to post some of my favorite Sartorialist pics from to last month. 1,2,3,4...