Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is it a Do?

I like how easily I could style this romper. A belt, chain necklaces, there are countless ways that I could dress theis up/down. From Urban Outfitters.I love the bold 80's floaral print on this Topshop romper, or as the Brits call it: playsuit. It reminds me a lot of a dress I bought from Urban Outfitters that I'll post about some time.
It's the ultimate safari romper! The rough cotton is perfect for wearing out on the town or at the beach. Free People feeds my hippi fashion love!
This is so cute! I normally wouldn't wear something so... pink, but the dot pattern just makes it work. Lulu!

The epitimy of the chic romper, this pale salmon confection is straight from the genius of the Brits at Topshop. I love the floaty colotte style shorts. This and the pink masterpeice are my favorites, but this one's $110 price tag isn't as friendly as the romper from Lulus' $52.

Chiquita Bonita

I like these two hispanic-inspired white dresses. The simple embroidery is pretty, yet simple. The top dress is from Modcloth, the bottom from Topshop. I prefer the bottom.

Swimsuit Season

I need a new swimsuit. I like the shape of the top criss-cross rainbow detailed one, the back detail and color of the middle one, and the simplicity of the bottom demin suit. From the pictures, I like the light blue suit best, but the front of it is far too simple. I would have to dress it up constantly with a showy cover-up.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Hot Summer Nights Downtown

Simply magnificent! ...via Topshop

Oh, hello there

Yes, yes, yes, I know. I ignore my blog for a whole month and I lose my mojo - or do I? I'M BACK!