Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vintage Couple

Isn't her dress just the sweetest thing? I love the forties vibe these two are giving off, it's simply darling!{Via The Style Scout}

I'll Take the Coat Instead

These are some promotional pictures for Yet, I'm more interested in the jackets than the flowers . They're all so precious I can't decide which is my favorite!{Via Oh Joy!} again!

No Limo for Me

I don't want a limousine for my wedding... I want THIS! Vintage Fiat 500.... :){Via Oh Joy!}

The Perfect Engagement Announcements

SO cute!

"...engagement shots by Stephanie Williams for Next Exit..."
{Via Oh Joy!}

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Beautiful Colors of the Rainbow

I want these Carson Pull On Frye Boots in every single color. End of story. I'm not joking. But why do they have to be $348 a pair? So that means I'm going to be shelling out $4872 for the same pair of boots in 14 different colors. Okay, fine my me.

New Haircut

I absolutely adore anything Emma Watson even touches, so of course I'm obsessed with her hair. I showed the following pictures to my hairdresser today for her to copy, but I'm not in love with it. For one, I know I can't get the same sort of depth to my hair since I didn't want to color it and I also think I made my bangs too long and my hair too short. Oh well, I still love these photos.

Alien Baby Cutness

Disclaimer: I promise this is my LAST animal/cutesy picture for awhile! (not)

Baby sloths! Are they hopelessly adorable or are they just a bit too weird?

Cute story: "Another hand-raised zoo baby: It's a sloth!"

Really? Really?

Seriously? I mean come on! People have got some real issues if they torture their dogs like this...{Organic Armor}....

Honeymoon's Over?

I know Obama's ratings have been taking a plunge lately, but I wonder if this adorable little drool is still so happy (or cute!)...

Made of Butterflies

So beautiful! I think I'll have a more traditional wedding, but this is surely eye candy. I love the architecture of her skirt. The butterfly bouquet is really something special too.

{via Fredflare's blog}

The Bunny Song

I know I really shouldn't like this, but I do.... Num, Num, Num ...admit it, you like it too.