Monday, May 4, 2009


OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGODSMGOdmasogpjsdaklfjksdajdfOMG!!! This jacket! Squeeeeee!
I've been looking EVERYWHERE for this type of band/military jacket for months and now here it is! Black or white though? That is the question. I'm leading toward white though because it's more springy and Taylor Swift is wearing one too. I know; I'm a sell out for anything Swift, but I absolutly love her style. I just found it on for $80. Expensive, but worht it. I'm going to go beg my mom to buy it for me!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Take That Oakland!

The Mariners won 8-7 in the 15th inning to Oakland tonight! Normally I don't follow baseball, but this picture on the front of the Seattle Times' front page caught my attention. They look such like giddy little boys, don't they? lol


Californian Air

Right now I'm yearning for some nice summer weather. Because it is dark. And rainy. And thundering. That's life in Seattle though I guess. These photos raise my otherwise dank mood. The top girl's grand feather-headpeice is the perfect styling of such an accessory. Perfectly hippee. Down below, I love the other girl matched her immense straw hat with retro-bathing suit-esque attire. Well, maybe it doesn't look like swimwear completly, but that's the only way I can justify showing so much midriff not at the beach. I love the total effect thoug.
Both come from Face Hunter

Strokes of Inspiration

I like both of these looks a lot. On the top one, I love how her hat adds just the right amount of charm to her otherwise nice outfit. Then on the lace item, I love the heavy decadence in the short dress. Next time I go to a thrift store, I'm going to look for an old lace dress that I can shorten to get a similar effect.

Both looks are from