Friday, December 26, 2008

I first learned about Lookbook from Kayley on the Five Awesome Girls channel on YouTube a few months back. Basically, it's a social networking site where people can post and view other users' photos of (fashionably sensible) outfits. To join, you have to be invited, so of course, I googled for an invite code and promtly made an account for myself Since then, I've been obsessivly *hyping* other people's looks to draw inspiration from in my pursuit for the perfect outfit in those mornings before school starts. (← oh look, it's a run on sentence!)

Here are some of my favorite looks as of late:

I actually just discovered this look this evening. I adore it! The hair. The dress. The belt. The tights. Even the little picture in the background! The only thing is that I would probably trade the necklace in for something more vintage, although the pink does add a certain p o p! to the outfit!

In this look, I can't help admiring the background. It reminds me a lot of an abandoned farm that my brother and I would sometimes explore when we were younger. The silk dress is quite pretty, but what really gives this outfit the 'it factor' is the belt. It's motto in life to mix the ordinary with the extrordinary. Aussi: This look is very Luna Lovegood-esque to me.

This is the first look that I recreated irl from lookbook. I made a beeline for an American Apparel as soon as I discovered that one had recently opened in our mall and bought that yellow skirt, so charmingly modeled by the ever lovely Kayley, of the aformentioned 5AG.

Do I even need to say anything? :) I am simply in love with this dress! The hat just transports me back to the days of tea parties and teddy bears. I wish it were socially acceptable to dress this way all the time!

Ahhh! The classic red band jacket (although a step up from any modern marching uniform!) This is a scrumptious mix of texture and color. Simply divine!

OMG! COLOUR! I am prepared to MARRY those spicy red boots! The mustard pea coat and the pok-a-dot dress seem so cozy in this foggy landscape that I am in love with this look.

I've been searching everywhere for a good watch on a chain. Urban Outfitter's has a good one.

Feathers! This is so pretty, it looks like it's straight out of a dream or a book of fairy tales. I've wanted a delicate bird cage to put in my room for several years now, since I saw one in a boutique down town Seattle. This captures the spirit of that in a frothy, dreamy way.


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