Saturday, September 12, 2009

Little Pink Dress

More Weardrobe conference snooping: What really caught my attention about this photo were the Vivienne Westwood shoes that I've been coveting for the past few months. I really love the quail dress that Audrey of Home Run Ballerina is wearing too. She posted about buying the dress back in August, and it's still available over at Buy Definition, but it's way too expensive for something I wouldn't wear that often and it only comes in medium, so I think I might attempt making something similar too it. I know I'm always saying that I'll sew something together, but this time, the goal is so simple, that maybe I will. Who knows. I still need something to wear to Wicked tomorrow night...

It's also available in green at identity streetwear:

Edit 09/14/09 - And no, I didn't have time to go buy any fabric. Instead I wore just a circle skirt from H&M, a soft brown-green cotton long sleeve shirt, tights from Modcloth, and lots of sparkly jewelry.
Edit 09/18/09 - The Dress Shop's has another dress that I think is a nice alternative to the original:

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