Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tiptoeing Through the Tepees

This picture reminded me a lot of my uncle and aunt's backyard. A few years ago for the family reunion at their house, my aunt set up two large tepees in their sprawling expanse of backyard to offer more sleeping space for the relatives. She had painted a few Native American-esque pictures of buffalo and horse on their sides. Since then, she's sold the smaller one, but every year she invites her grandchildren and my uncle's grandchildren to camp out in the large tepee for a whole week. The rules are that no one can go inside the house though, except to use the bathroom and shower. When they were visiting our house last May after they'd gotten off another cruise to Alaska, my uncle's wife invited me to come, but it was one of those half empty invitations that someone gives you just so they can keep talking about it in front of you and you don't feel left out. It does look life fun though.

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