Wednesday, August 5, 2009

British Stuff's Cool and a Small Rant

I still don't want a new doctor, but I remember not liking David Tennant at first when he took over for Christopher Eccleston. I'll just say this now: I really don't like the bow-tie. I'll miss David Tennant's costume. And why another redhead right after Donna? They're everywhere in pop culture, I think because they're the rarest hair color, but it gets annoying seeing them as the unique, one-of-a-kind girl all the time. There's Penny from Doctor Horrible, Gemma from the Terrible Beauty Book Series, Clare from The Time Traveler's Wife. Lately I've also been noticing how all the women in commercials have red hair: the Glade candle lady, the air freshener lady, and the lady in that natural looking phone commercial. The only instance in which I'm not annoyed at redheads in culture is at the Weasleys; they sort of earn it in my books- and they're an entire family, not just one person. In the end, I guess I'll just never like any of the companions as much as I liked Rose. I was bored, or more so, unsatisfied, with season three because Martha didn't have the same chemistry with the Doctor as Rose. Season four on the other hand, was a lot more exciting because of Rose's cameo in the season opener that foreshadowed the last plot line. Donna's annoying behavior was bearable after that, even if I didn't know what the finale was going to hold. I really, really like that episode.

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