Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On Owl Bags

I like the Kate Spade owl tote launching this September, but not enough to fork out +$300 for it.

Instead, Topshop has a another version that is much cuter in my opinion. This one you can just drape over your body. At a mere $44 I'm much more inclined to get this; however, at only 15cm tall (6in...) I'm not so sure it's perfect. It's cute alright, but it couldn't really hold much.
I guess I conclude that it's not really for me. I'll have to get my funky purse kicks from my camera bag {a knockoff of this that I prefer to the original}


  1. I heart Kate Spade. Her playful design always lighten up a flat day!!!

  2. Where else can you get this bag?
    It's out of stock!

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