Thursday, August 6, 2009


Reasons to see this movie:
1. Rachel McAdams is in it. Crazy beautiful.
2. She's in The Notebook
3. I'm always fascinated by the theory of time.
4. I've heard the book is really good.

Reasons to not see this movie:
1. The book is really, really bad.

Or at least the first few chapters of what I read last night are.To add insult to injury, Clare, the time traveler's wife, is a redhead in the book. Predictable. The book's overall voice is lacking in great imagery. Maybe I'm just spoiled, though, since I, in fact, just finish 'The Book Thief,' which is amazing in plot, character development, and imagery. I love the language that Markus Zuzak writes in. I'm planning to read his other books very soon. Oh, look. I've gotten off topic. Again. :)

1 comment:

  1. It's one of my fave book... :(
    Well, the plot is not that extraordinary, but the simplicity of the love story entangled between them is heart-warming and touching. At least for me...

    I hope the movie equals my expectation of it. The trailer doesn't impress me that much :p