Saturday, August 8, 2009

Embarrassed Screen Freeze

The script for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets originally said that Hermione would hug Harry and Ron in the final scene. As the then 11-year-old Emma Watson was embarrassed about having to hug the boys in front of the entire cast, Chris Columbus allowed her to change the scene so that Hermione just hugs Harry then starts to hug Ron but the two get embarrassed and resolve to only shake hands. Watson also stated in a recent interview that she kept letting Daniel Radcliffe go too quickly, so the film was “frozen” for a few seconds to make the hug look like it lasted longer than it actually did.

{Via F Yeah Facts} I like the way that it turned out so much better, hooray for childhood bashfulness! Next time ABC Family has one of it's Potter marathons I'm going to watch very closely for this.

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